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Great read: AIGA Eye on Design

“I always tend to radicalize a bit, but the human component has disappeared from people’s thinking. Men today are permeated by ambiguous, confused languages. Since most matters of primary survival have been solved, the problem lies in a communication system so deceptive that men overlap the idea of creativity and culture in these language systems. I studied this matter all my life. The problem is that the human race is almost extinct and what we see walking around our cities are human-like cyborgs that conform to the easiest rules without thinking.”

Enzo Mari – from an article on AIGA’s Eye on Design website

I do love reading the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ web site “Eye on Design,” and you can sign up to get their latest offerings in an email alert/newsletter here.

Their articles cover everything from the history of graphic design to the latest design trends and provide inspiration and education to everyone – not just designers.

I hope you enjoy their material and subscribe today. Here’s a link to subscribe directly: AIGA Eye on Design.

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